Sock Darning Workshop with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Date and time: 22 February 2020, 10am-1pm

Do you have holes in your favourite socks and don't know how to fix them? Learn the forgotten art of darning with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald, author of the new book Modern Mending. In this workshop you’ll learn two handy darning techniques, allowing you to magically weave new fabric where there was once a hole, and strengthen threadbare socks and other clothing so they last longer. This workshop will focus on visible mending, which is more fun and easier for beginners, but we’ll also discuss invisible-mending tips.

For the best learning experience please BYO socks or other knitwear in need of mending (thick socks and handknitted socks are easiest to mend, but thin socks can also be darned). No prior mending experience is required.

Tools and materials
All materials will be available for purchase on the day, or you are welcome to bring your own:
Sock yarn or mending wool in a contrasting colour or colours to the item you’ll be mending (for easier learning)
Darning/tapestry needle with an eye large enough to accommodate your chosen yarn/wool/floss
Darning mushroom or darning egg
Scissors or thread snips

Cost: $125 

The class price includes a copy of the book Modern Mending, with more than 200 pages of mending tutorials and inspiration.

Type: Class

Vendor: Woolarium

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