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Welcome to Woolarium

Woolarium is a yarn store based in Northcote, an inner northern suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

We offer a wide range of high quality yarns from all around the world, the finest accessories and patterns. We love to help people with their crafting, so please don't hesitate to ask us questions.

Out of the restrictions of Covid-19, there will be many opportunities at our workshops, classes and get togethers where you can come to seek advice, exchange ideas and learn new techniques


As for me, Anna, I've been knitting since I was 8 and began crocheting around 20. I am newer to following patterns since I was taught by my Grandma and Mum and mostly played with stitch patterns and textures in free-knit throws and scarves. 

I love to see how people play with colour in their making and personalise patterns by their choices. You'll see me making blankets, garments, socks and brioche!

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ABN: 34 644 092 630
ACN: 615 959 174