The Shop

I have a venue! It will be at 211a High Street Northcote, but I have a lot to do before I can start stacking the shelves with lovely yarn. I have to get the shelves first!

It’s been a very interesting process deciding where the best place for the shop should be. Is the location more important than the style and layout of the shop, or is the standard of the building a higher priority.

Looking up and down High St in both Thornbury and Northcote I met a few traders who were very encouraging and inspiring. It was great to talk to Emily at North St Botanical ( as she had been through the same process last December.

In the end location won out and even tho the actual shop doesn’t look great at the moment, the location is brilliant!
So now the focus is on getting a decent floor, some partitions and all the services connected in anticipation for gaining access in a couple of weeks.

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